You’re A Good Person

mother daughter

That’s what I told her the other day.

And she said, “Really? You really think I’m a good person?”

“Of course I do!”I said.

“You don’t know how much that means to me to hear you say that,” she said.

That’s part of the conversation I had with my 14-year-old-daughter yesterday. Makes you want to tear up doesn’t it? At least it makes me want to tear up. Why did she think I didn’t think she was a good person? (I dare you to try and say that fast 10 times!)

Okay, I admit that, sometimes, she drives me crazy. And sometimes I think of renting a room somewhere where I can be all by myself and watch whatever TV show I want, and not have to pick empty yogurt containers out of coffee mugs, and find everything right where I left it, and not have anyone ask me what is there to eat.
I admit it.

I do tell her I love her and give her hugs. But despite all that, I can’t believe that I somehow neglected to convey to her that I think she’s a good person. And she was so pleased to hear me tell her that I thought she was a good person. Something as simple as that.

So, if there is someone dear to your heart that occasionally drives you crazy, but deep down you know they are a good person . . . tell them so. It means a lot. Maybe more than you think.


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