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You know you’re getting too old when . . . Oh, I wonder, if this a truly taboo topic for blogging purposes? At least for a woman, who must never reveal her true age. I’m taking a HTML course at NAIT and I discovered . . . I am getting old. I used to be …

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You’re A Good Person

That’s what I told her the other day. And she said, “Really? You really think I’m a good person?” “Of course I do!”I said. “You don’t know how much that means to me to hear you say that,” she said. That’s part of the conversation I had with my 14-year-old-daughter yesterday. Makes you want to tear up …

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So Many Hours in a Day . . .

Oh what a drag, when we have to slig and slag, for a living every day, then the weekend comes, bring out the drums, and bang them without delay. In case you are wondering, “”slig and slag” is what I like to call poetic licence. This is really a lament about wanting to fritter my weekends …

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The meat of the matter. The intrinisic me.

Hello all, I’m experiencing a middle-aged dilemma. I admit it. After spending my entire working life  life up to this point as a secretary/administrative assistant, the big question is, What next? Or rather, what in addition to? I’ve been looking on-line for courses to take, but it’s hard to know what I should focus on …

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